We change the way to seek

and connect your job on the web.
The idea behind Jobyourlife is simple: we have matched a new way to do professional network for the candidates with an innovative recruiting system for the companies.

So, while our users creates their professional network, companies will offer new working positions.

The main purpose of Jobyourlife is to guarantee ease and efficiency to the companies while recruiting new candidates, and to offer a better professional network to the candidates. We do believe there’s a lack of ease in the current search of candidates and work.

Jobyourlife wants to guarantee the best simplicity and clarity for candidates and companies, grounding all its job on the values typifying our company: simplicity, trust and clearness.

Executive Team
Andrea De Spirt — Founder, CEO

Francesco Fonte — Founder, Web Developer

Pietro Stracquadanio — Partner, Analyst Web Developer

Steve Buffoni — Digital Art Director & UI Designer

Lorenzo Mecocci — Member of Board of Directors

Jessica Malfatto — Social Media Marketing