Features and design for a new working world.
Useful. Simple. Professional.

Simple and Professional.

A comprehensive professional life.

Thanks to the new version of Jobyourlife you will create a cv based on experiences, skills, passions.
Our services of localization will let you receive job offers from allover the world.
We’re giving you the chance to really show who you are and your worth, in life and at work.
Share your professionalism, your thoughts and things you love. Jobyourlife will become your professional life, wherever you will go.

Distances do matter.

Finding who you’re looking for has never been so simple.

Find professionals who suit you thanks to a new research completely revised and improved.
It’s easier to find someone, if you can seek where you want: a street, an area, your city.
Delve and save your searches, find the distances that separate you from other professionals with your same interests, discover new opportunities on the map.

Your contacts always with you.

Don’t lose sight of your professional network.

It's much more easier to keep up to date on your professional network thanks to the "Recent activities" tool.
Look what you're colleagues, collaborators and contacts are doing on Jobyourlife.
Share your search and get advice about the most interesting professionals, and discover new job opportunities.

Like in an email.

Don’t change your habits.

It's like using a mailbox, but on Jobyourlife.
Manage your professional contacts as you were using a an email: choose default objects, send job offers or collaborations. And make you contact by others.

A Professional Network.

Keep in touch with who you want.

Goodbye "old" list. From now on, if you want to follow someone activities on Jobyourlife, you can’t add someone on your list anymore , but you need to send a "contact request".
It's up to you to decide who you want in your circle. Make your professional network the perfect place for your work.

Job will find you soon.

The intersection between supply and demand.

We're developing a professional platform for both companies and candidates, based on a new matching algorithm, so to better reconcile supply and demand. Stay tuned!

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